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Investment Management

We aim for innovating, renovating and bringing the most to each and every business we invest in. Finding the right talent and providing the right business strategy brought an extensive growth to our businesses in recent years.

Portfolio Management
Sales & Marketing Support
Financial Advisory
Equity Management
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- Groupe Gautam Subsidiaries -

We are in many industries

College National de Science et Technologie

College National de Science et Technologie (College National of Science and Technology) is a private college located in Montreal, the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec., established in 2019 and recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education as: DLI O266212673772

Gautam Services

Gautam Services is a team of Canada education consultants with vast expertise in study visa, college migration, and recruitment services. With 1 office in India (Balachaur) and 2 offices in Canada (Brampton and Montreal), we have partnered with the leading colleges, universities, and educational institutes of Canada to simplify overseas education for everyone.

La Cantine Punjab

We serve ‘Punjabi’ Indian Cuisine that will take you back home (je tusi India to ho) or it will give you a prime taste of delicious food that you can get in India whenever you visit (jana zarur).

Hotel de Paris

Operating for over 30 years, Hotel de Paris has welcomed guests from all over the world. The hotel has always been one of great value and variety offering each guest a room and experience tailored to their needs. Offering everything from a small budget room to an executive king suite with balcony overlooking Sherbrooke Street, Hotel de Paris provides the same high standard of service to each of its guests.

Nawab-e Punjab

Nawab-e-Punjab is a new premium restaurant that has recently opened up in Lasalle, Quebec. The restaurant is known for its exquisite food and drinks menu, as well as its luxurious ambiance and decor. If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, Nawab-e-Punjab is the perfect place for you.


SubmitApp provides a well-designed solution for recruitment agencies to apply for our institution partners. We have exclusive programs and highly motivated admission team to make things fast and easy for you.